Easy as Pie

Elementary level piano solos

A collection of fourteen cheery and quirky piano pieces inspired by all things edible (and not - i.e. A Bad Egg!). Full of playful and biting dissonances these adventurous pieces are full of vigour and life.

Out of the box harmonies and modern new ingredients are sure to 

broaden the musical palate and certain to provide nourishment for a young pianist. Cdn. grade 2 - 4, 22 pages.

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Three Blind Mice Duet Variations & 

The Wheels on the Bus Duet Variations

Two Elementary Piano Duets

Two simple and humorous sets of variations based on popular children songs. The secondo part in both duets is easy enoughfor an early elementary student. Cheerful and fun to play.

Cdn. grade 1 - 3. Arranged for one piano, four hands. 17 pages.

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The Book of Easy Piano Magic

Elementary to Intermediate


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A collection of twelve piano pieces with a flair for magic and

mystery, composed for young piano magicians.

An elementary continuation of The Book of Piano Magic.

Cdn. grade 1 - 6, 25 pages.

The Book of Piano Magic


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A collection of nine piano pieces inspired by magic. Prepare to delve into a world of supernatural, mysterious and bewildering music!

Cdn. grade 7 - 9, 26 pages.

Truly Astounding Animals

Early Intermediate to Early Advanced

A set of twelve playful and highly imaginative miniatures, each portraying an astounding animal. There is an Annoying Fly with its goofy theme and buzzing effect, Boastful Kangaroo with its left hand leaps and chords that move chromatically. Busy Woodpecker has a truly pecking theme accompanied by fast alberti bass while Tarantula’s Tarantella offers yet another challenge in fast playing with a variety of different articulations. Whale Song, Thoughtful Rhino and Hedgehog at Night are more mysterious in nature while Orange Striped Zebra, Silly Little Squirrel and Dancing Penguins are sweet little pieces for children. Happy Grasshopper has a lively and bouncy character that reflect its free and independent nature while March of the Centipedes has quite a mischievous theme. 

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Wild Rose Suite



A musical tribute to the composer’s adopted home, Alberta, Canada, whose official symbol is the wild rose.

Contains seven pieces: Hot Springs, Smile Through Tears Waltz, Mountain Creek, Soaring, Oil Sands, Rocky Mountain Variations and New Day Toccata. Cdn. grade 10 - Associate, 50 pages.

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Pop! Goes the Weasel Duet Variations & 

The Muffin Man Duet Variations

Two Elementary Piano Duets

Two easy piano duets based on traditional children songs 

with a contemporary twist. These two sure crowd pleasers are perfect to close any recital program.  Exciting and fun to play. Prerequisite: a sense of humour.

Cdn. grade 3 - 4. Arranged for one piano, four hands,17 pages.

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Twinkle Variations - Elementary piano duet

Three Variations in Four Styles - Early intermediate piano duet

Three Variations in Four Styles - Intermediate piano solo 

27 pages

Elementary level piano duet based on "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

Early intermediate piano duet with a baroque theme and three variations: classical, romantic and modern.

"Three Variations in Four Styles" as an intermediate solo piece.

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Carmen Paraphrase & 

La Campanella Paraphrase

Two Late Intermediate Piano Duets

A modern take on Bizet’s opera “Carmen” and Liszt’s etude La Campanella”.

Arranged for one piano, four hands,

Cdn. grade 8. 25 pages.

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The Gypsy Daisy

Grade 6 piano (RCM)


This piece was commissioned by the Alberta Registered Music Teachers' Association in honour of Canada 150 and ARMTA 85. It's based on an upbeat and humorous folk song.

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Palliser Music Publishing:



Fur Elise Duet Variations

Alfred Publishing, available worldwide

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